Before you can confidently extract maximum business value from your mine operations, you need to be clear about the impact of variability and uncertainty across the mining value chain. That's what we provide at QG – clarity about the issues and opportunities throughout your value chain, plus the confidence to optimise your mine operations and returns.

What we do. Our expertise spans the geology, geostatistics, geometallurgy and mine management spectrum, from consulting and project evaluation to training and mentoring. Explore our suite of integrated services. Why choose us. Discover why mining companies that are serious about extracting maximum value from their personnel, assets and resources choose us. Find out about the tangible value we've added to mining operations the world over.
How we do it. By being open, collaborative and holistic in our approach, we're able to add strategic, operational and bottom-line value across the value chain. Read about our ethos.Meet our team. Technical know-how is one thing. Practical real-world experience is another. Our highly experienced and qualified team bring both to every challenge we face and every solution we deliver. Meet our consultants.